Biblically responsible investing

Our new workshop entitled “Managing God’s Wealth Wisely” is a workshop that teaches how to manage wealth from a Biblical worldview by utilizing all the resources God has entrusted today, and planning for wisely passing them to the next generations. For a Christian, all financial decisions should be spiritual decisions incorporated into your faith that reflect your values.

What does the Bible says about banking, insuring, investing and educating? It is essential to understand why Biblically responsible wealth management is so important for people of the Christian faith. Many of our Christian brothers and sisters are unaware that such a method exists, unknowingly allowing their finances to support certain causes that they may not agree with. In my work everyday, I have kept in mind ten Biblical principles that are applicable and crucial to morally responsible wealth management.

As an effort to expand upon the Managing God’s Wealth Wisely” workshop, I would love to share these “Ten Principles of Biblical Wealth Management” with you all. These principles have been a part of CFAA’s foundation, a sort of code that we adhere to here. Next week I will begin to share the first principle of seeking Biblical and financial counsel. Let me leave you with a verse to think about for next week’s blog on this subject.

“ Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.”
Proverbs 15:22, NASB