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We believe a financial plan should be living, breathing, and changing as you do, where you’re in control with an experienced financial advisor guiding you through the many changes of life. With our financial planning services, you ONLY CHOOSE AND PAY for what YOU want, then we generate a proposal that fits your needs specifically. The control is all in your hands. Choose one or more of what YOU WANT
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Personal Online Financial Planning Portal
(included with all financial plans for one year)
We give you the technological tools to connect with everything you own, so you’ll know what everything is worth, all in one place. Because those who know what they have fare better than most. (Learn More >>)
Retirement Planning
We strive to understand your financial and emotional needs and fears when it comes to retirement planning, as well as guide you through all of life’s obstacles and victories. Whether you’re 25, 55 or 70, retirement planning is an integral part of the wealth management and financial planning process. (Learn More >>)
Social Security Planning
We take an in-depth look at all your social security benefits, and when they should be taken based on cash flow, assets, liabilities, and family genetics.
Company Retirement Plan Review
We will look at your company and personal retirement plan choices, investment choices, expenses, and contribution levels and help you decide what is the best plan of action for your individual needs.
Values Based Investment Planning
We believe it’s important to know what agendas publicly traded companies are supporting. When you invest in a company, you are financially backing what that company supports, whether you agree or not. We help you invest in responsible companies that have a positive impact on our society while avoiding those known to participate in unethical activities. (Learn More >>)
Investment Risk Assessment
We use cutting edge technology that identifies your personal acceptable levels of risk and reward and integrate it with your investment portfolio. When you understand risk and how it affects you, you can make better investment decisions. (Learn More >>)
Tax Planning
We proactively look at all of your income resources (earned & passive income, stock & real estate liquidations, etc.), and help you navigate how to best structure them to minimize taxes annually. (Learn More >>)
Educational Funding
What's the best plan for assuring your children or grandchildren will receive a higher education? We look at all the factors, like which school you would like to send your loved one(s) to, the cost of tuition and room and board in the future and devise a plan for getting there. We also help you decide which is the best plan or a combination of plans to accomplish the goal from the many choices available in the marketplace like state prepaid tuition plans, 529 plans, coverdell education accounts, ROTH IRA’s, savings bonds, UGMA accounts, etc.
Life Insurance Planning
We help you to decide how much insurance is needed in the event of loss of life of a key person by evaluating all assets, liabilities, and replacement of income or loss.
Estate Planning
We help you wisely plan and prepare for meeting with an attorney to properly structure and pass down all your assets (real estate, investment & retirement accounts, bank accounts, personal items, life insurance, etc.) to those you love and the charities you care about. (Learn More >>)
Long Term Care Planning
An in-depth analysis is done into the possible cost of long-term care and how it will be paid for from all existing assets and income.
Investment Real Estate Analysis
An in-depth analysis is done to determine the real net return (not the gross return) of investment real estate after maintenance, liability costs, property taxes, insurance, and potential loss of rental income and if you should continue to own or buy.
Major Purchases & Planning For Future Expenditures
We help you understand the true long-term cost for all major purchases like automobiles, recreational vehicles, boats, airplanes, vacation properties, etc. and how it will affect your net worth in the long run.
Creative And Deferred Gifting Strategies
Giving creatively is one thing we know a lot about. We have what we call our 10-4-4 Planned Giving Strategies. Which breaks down into 10 Planned Giving Strategies, 4 Planned Giving Time Periods, and 4 Planned Giving Tools. We can help you shift your tax dollars to giving dollars. God gives > We receive > We give > Others receive > They Give… We can help you increase your ripple of influence for generations. (Learn More >>)
Planning For Sales of Major Assets
We do an in-depth analysis to help you decide what is the most tax efficient way of selling a major asset like real-estate, stocks, or a business and how it will affect you and your total financial picture over the long term.
Planning For Possible InCapacity
It’s not if, but when! This is planning in advance before death, disability, a major health event, or a natural disaster happens, not after. We make sure you’re financially prepared for whatever happens.
Proper Titling and Beneficiary Designations
Many times assets and beneficiaries are not titled properly. Some of the reasons are the death of a family member, the birth of new family members, a divorce, marriage, or remarriage, disability, a business venture entered into or sold, or a host of many other reasons. This is one of the most forgotten categories in financial planning.
Collaboration with CPA and Attorney
A financial plan should never be done in isolation of other important members of the financial planning team. We will work directly with your accountant, CPA, and attorney. If you don’t have one, we know of many experienced professionals in these fields that will work directly with you and us.
Multigenerational Family Planning
How a family handles money is a unique and integral part of each family’s culture. To create and pass on a Godly view of money requires a plan. Usually when a relative leaves an inheritance to a family member, they have the best intentions and love at the heart of the gift. But, there are so many challenges and dangers that can come with sudden lump sum inheritances, many times the gift turns into a curse if the heir is not prepared spiritually, emotionally, or with financial understanding. With our expertise we help you set up a family plan that is in the best interest of all those involved. (Learn More >>)
Personal Document Digitization
We help you secure ALL your valuable personal documents such as wills, trusts, insurance documents, and passports securely in an online repository where you can access them at any time from anywhere.
Asset Protection Planning
Own nothing, control everything. The way you own property needs to be structured so that no attorney can take more than they deserve. As an example, multiple investment real estate properties or businesses should never be combined into one entity. This is planning done alongside attorneys that specialize in asset protection.
Cash Flow and Debt Planning
We develop a detailed analysis of all monthly, quarterly, and annual income, expenses, and debt. Followed by a strategic plan to move toward better financial health.
Net Worth Statement
We help you consolidate the value of all of your assets, loans, and liabilities so you can instantly calculate your net worth at any time within seconds.
Ongoing Financial Guidance
No one should have to make any major financial decision like buying a home, car, vacation property, investment decision, etc. without the help and advice of an experienced financial advisor that has seen it all. For an hourly fee, our experienced advisors can help you make the most logical decisions backed up by math.


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With our ongoing Biblically responsible investment management and financial planning processes, we stay by your side through the years to help you wisely pursue your financial goals, one step at a time. As life happens, we help you make the necessary adjustments to stay on track. We believe financial planning and investment management is a journey, not a destination.