Retirement Planning

Our team strives to understand your financial and emotional needs and fears when it comes to retirement planning, as well as guide you through all of life’s obstacles and victories.
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Why is Retirement Planning so Important?

Whether you’re 25, 55 or 70, retirement planning is an integral part of the wealth management and financial planning process. No one plans to fail, they just fail to plan. There are many factors that contribute to a successful retirement. A few of these include: planning for income taxes and inflation, cash flow needs, estate planning, spousal needs, health, emotional and spiritual needs, risk in the markets, investing, and the list goes on. Many who are already retired feel many of these burdens.

We realize you need a guide to navigate you through all these obstacles. Our team of experienced advisors strive to understand your financial and emotional needs, desires and fears when it comes to retirement planning. We know from experience that retirement today is much more than just about you. It’s also about family time, your spouse, children, and grandchildren, volunteering at a local charity, traveling the country and world as well as hobbies and outdoor activities. We are that advisor who seeks to understand you and guide you through all of life’s personal and financial obstacles as well as victories.

Guidance. Planning. Confidence.

During the working years we focus on accumulating the assets needed for income later in life. As retirement draws near it is important to adjust our thinking and strategies. The three main financial phases are:

Retirement accumulation
Retirement income for life
Leaving a legacy to those we care about after we are gone


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What are your goals for retirement and beyond? What is it you are trying to accomplish and for what purpose? We begin with the end in mind.
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The Now

What do you have for retirement now? What are all your current financial positions that need to be used?
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Analyze your current resources for retirement and how they are positioned.

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Develop a retirement plan to pursue your retirement goals.

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Implement your retirement plan and put it into action.

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Review your retirement plan annually and make adjustments accordingly to meet your goals.

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Schedule an initial appointment.

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What We Do

With our ongoing Biblically responsible investment management and financial planning processes, we stay by your side through the years to help you wisely pursue your financial goals, one step at a time. As life happens, we help you make the necessary adjustments to stay on track. We believe financial planning and investment management is a journey, not a destination.