Christian Financial Advisors heritage planning

Last week I introduced the process called Heritage Planning and its importance. If you missed it, I would invite you to go back and read how estate planning has a 90% failure rate by the third generation if Heritage Planning is not included in estate planning. By including Heritage Planning, you don’t have to choose between passing down just finances (estate planning) or passing down just wisdom, family values, experiences and lessons learned from hardships (Heritage Planning). You can pass it all down to future generations.


An inheritance gained hurriedly at the beginning will not be blessed in the end.

Last week I said I would pose some thought provoking statements we use in Heritage Planning. So here they are:

Rate each statement from 1 to 5, with 5 being the best number, 1 being the worst
5 = Very Important 1 = Don’t Care
– or –
5 = Mastered 1 = Haven’t Started

  1. Our family communicates well, and is effective at discussing sensitive topics
  2. Each family member is confident they have a voice within our family and permission to assert themselves.
  3. I have identified my values that guide my purpose, integrated them into my life and have shared them with the people who are important to me.
  4. Our family meets regularly for family fun, growth & development.
  5. We have developed a process for our family to make decisions together.
  6. We have a structure in place to keep our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren connected and unified for generations to come.
  7. Our advisors work in collaboration on behalf of our family.
  8. Our family actively mentors future generations by preparing them for the emotional as well as the financial wealth they will receive.
  9. We have a plan for a genuine transfer of leadership.
  10. Our family has captured our story and life lessons for the benefit of future generations.
  11. We have created opportunities for our next generations to develop and utilize collaborative skills.
  12. We have identified the best role for each of our family members that leverage their unique talents and gifts.
  13. We have defined what matters most to our family.
  14. Our family has a clear understanding of the causes and organizations that we would like to continue supporting after we’re gone.
  15. We are confident that our family is prepared for the financial and emotional responsibility of the family legacy.
  16. We believe it is our duty to prepare our family for these responsibilities.

So where did you rank yourself and your family in these statements? Did these get you thinking about how you need to pass down family values, as well as financial wealth?

Next week I will cover the final part of Heritage Planning, “The 12 Elements of Heritage Planning.” In the meantime, to learn more, contact me to find out how to get started on your family’s Heritage Plan today.