Investing With Your Values
Investing With Your Values

What Is Values Based Investing?

Values based investing integrates Biblical guidelines with an investment portfolio. This method looks for companies to invest in that are making a positive impact on our society, as well as applying screening processes to avoid those that do not.

Helping Clients Make Informed Decisions

Christian Financial Advisors® provides potential and current clients with the information that they need in order to make an informed decision when it comes to Values Based Investing and their current investments. It is important to know the status, views, and beliefs of various public companies. In essence, when you invest in a company, you are also supporting what that company invests in as well. This is where Christian financial advisors like Christian Financial Advisors® come into play. We sit down with each and every client to educate them on Biblically Responsible Investing and to determine where their convictions lie. If you are new to investing, we can help you set up a complete investment profile that lines up with your values.

Supporting Responsible Companies

When you invest in a values based portfolio, you are avoiding supporting companies that are intentionally involved in immoral agendas that violate Biblical principles.

Investing With Values In Mind

If a company traded on an exchange is publicly known to violate Biblical principles, Biblically Responsible Investing strives to stay clear from buying those companies directly or indirectly through a separate managed account or mutual fund.

Not all investments and investment platforms can be screened, but we strive to do the best we can given the available investment options and platform limitations. Christian Financial Advisors® uses third party sources to screen investments.


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