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The Timothy Plan has been promoting Biblically Responsible Investing, or investing with Christian principles, since 1994. For over 20 years, they have existed to promote Christian principles with the foundation of their company being based on investing with the money with which God has blessed you. God owns everything! If you are looking for a Christian company that supports investing in companies that are pro-life and pro-family, then The Timothy Plan fits perfectly within the realm of Christian investment opportunities. They have a commitment to benefit both the investor and the broader culture through their series of available Christian mutual funds. The Timothy Plan Christian mutual funds places “integrity, excellence, and wisdom that brings honor and glory to our Lord Jesus” above all.

How The Timothy Plan Screens Mutual Funds and Companies

Members of The Timothy Plan spend a countless amount of hours examining various companies to discover if the company in question is involved in any unbiblical practices. This standard of screening led to the commitment of The Timothy Plan in 1994 to pioneer the first mutual fund screening standards for both pro-life and pro-family values. The Timothy Plan believes that every penny that God has blessed you with should not be invested in companies that violate Christian values. In essence, choosing a mutual fund or investment is more than just finding the best rate of return, it is about avoiding interest in sectors that contradict Biblical values in the process.

What exactly do the Christian mutual funds from The Timothy Plan entail? What are the basis and guidelines they follow? This can be broken down into several different categories:



Human Rights

As creations of our Lord, there are certain rights with which humans are blessed. You have most certainly heard of a human’s unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Unfortunately, many people around the world have had these rights unlawfully taken away from them through human oppression, slave labor, human trafficking, Christian persecution, and terrorism. The Timothy Plan identifies companies that support such atrocities.




The Timothy Plan believes that marriage is a holy union ordained by God. Through their lifestyle screen, The Timothy Plan identifies companies that are involved in, or promote, a lifestyle that goes against Biblical principles. The Timothy Plan strives to protect the sanctity of marriage, while still seeking to treat all humans with dignity through their benefits that are granted to all of their employees.




The values of the Christian family need to be preserved since families are the foundation of our culture. Therefore, the values that we instill in our families also need to be preserved, and The Timothy Plan screening process aims to do just that. The family screen distinguishes any company that are involved in anti-family entertainment such as those that endorse foul language, violence, sex and drugs within advertisements, stores, media, publications, games, and online.




The pornography screening process from The Timothy Plan aims to identify businesses that are involved in the promotion of adult themes in stores, media, games, advertisements, online, publications, and other establishments.




Life begins at conception and is a precious gift from God, and The Timothy Plan screens companies that are involved in supporting abortion. This includes businesses that support the abortion industry itself, fetal tissue research, and the manufacturing and distribution of abortifacients.




God has called us to be wise with the ways we handle the money and gifts which He has bestowed upon us. Gambling is not one of these ways and has led many individuals and their families to ruin. The stewardship screen finds businesses that are involved in gambling related activities. This can include a variety of factors such as gambling equipment manufacturers, riverboats, casinos, racetracks, gambling software, and various cruise lines.




Tobacco is a silent killer and an extremely common cause of lung cancer. Therefore, The Timothy Plan does not endorse nor invest in businesses that are involved in or support the tobacco industry. This includes such areas as cigarette manufacturers, tobacco leaf distributors and marketers, smokeless tobacco products, cigars, and tobacco specific retail stores.




The Timothy Plan sees the way that alcohol can hurt a family when addiction sets in, often destroying children and families. The alcohol screen finds Timothy Plan investments that do not support alcohol manufacturers. The screen also identifies businesses that empower this lifestyle including breweries, winemakers, distilleries, and microbreweries.

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