It’s Good Friday, the day that our sins were wiped clean. Where would we all be, who would we all be, if Christ had never come? This past week and upcoming weekend are an annual reminder to re-evaluate our spiritual life.

God’s son came to live in the world, be an example for the world and ultimately save the world. Those that have chosen to receive and accept this sacrifice have been transformed into having a new spirit-filled and eternal life. The fruits of knowing God’s Holy Spirit and sovereignty are manifested in a Christ-centered life. These blessings are:

LOVE, unconditional and unbiased true love

JOY and PEACE that are not based on any external circumstances, but burn inside you as Christ lives in you

PATIENCE and KINDNESS that is not present to carry out your own agenda, but for the betterment of others and the confirmation of God’s love

GENTLENESS and SELF-CONTROL, to advance the Kingdom of God while working with others, speaking with others, and finally helping others

As we look onto the blessings bestowed upon our lives through our undeserving sanctification, where are you spiritually? Is the crucifixion and resurrection on your heart this week? Has it ever been? If not, what are the reasons that you have chosen to deny God’s blessings of a spirit-filled life? God wants you to experience the fruits of his love.

If you have waited and waited for something to happen, for things to become meaningful, for your life to benefit others through God’s love, stop waiting. This is a time of year that a ‘call to the altar’ really might seem appropriate. Anyone can decide to receive these blessings wholeheartedly, and today seems like a really good day to do that.