Athenas Tips Biblical Responsible Investing

BRI Lab Report

I know most of you may think BRI stands for “Barking Really Impressively” (I sure did before the humans sat me down and trained me on Biblically Responsible Investing, also known as BRI). In a tailwag, it allows Christians to invest their money according to their beliefs. This means that Christian financial advisors like Christian Financial Advisors® use filters to determine companies to invest in and not to invest in based on what that company supports. BRI can also find pawsome companies that support Biblical and Christian values in which to invest your assets.

As BRI As Paw-sible!

We strive to be as BRI as paw-sible with our investments. If you are a Christian that does not want their investments be involved in companies that support anti-Biblical principles, Christian Financial Advisors® strives to filter out these companies from your investments. It can be ruff screening these areas, so the humans use a special program called eVALUEator® that shows these dif-fur-ent areas that a business supports. The pet-tential is endless!

The Christian Financial Advisors® financial advisors (including my fur-less Grandpa Bob) will sit down with you to better explain how Biblically Responsible Investing works and how to make your investments more BRI. When you invest in a way that lines up with your Biblical principles, you can avoid supporting companies that are involved in objectionable ventures while fur-tunately supporting those companies that are Biblically responsible!

It’s Paws-itively Exciting!

BRI is paws-itively exciting, so spread the word about investing with your values and become a part of this pawsome Christian investment movement today!

You can learn more about Biblical Responsible Investing by calling our office at 830-609-6986 or emailing in**@ci*******.com.


* Please consider the investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses carefully before investing. Investing in Biblical Responsible funds are subject to the risk that because social criteria excludes securities of certain issuers for non-financial reasons, investors may forgo some market opportunities available to those that don’t use these criteria. No strategy assures success or protects against loss in periods of declining values.

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