Financial Tips and Tricks From Athena
Financial Tips and Tricks From Athena

The 5 Paw Experience

By Athena
Translated By Jenna Peters

I love working with Christian Financial Advisors®. I get to lay around all day but really don’t have to do much except greet people and eat buttered toast from Bob, both of which I love! As soon as a visitor walks in the door, I want them to feel welcome and comfortable (and give me a treat). If you are having a ruff day, I want to make you feel better! I call this the “CIS Athena Experience”. However, there is more to being a Christian Financial Advisors® client than just having the pleasure of a beautiful chocolate lab by the name of Athena greet you.

Here are 15 reasons why being a Christian Financial Advisors® client is pawesome!

Long-term care planning
College funding planning for your children and grandchildren
Consultation meetings with you and your CPA/accountant and attorney*
Financial analysis for major purchases like real estate (home, farm and ranch, vacation home, rental properties and remodeling), recreational vehicle and automobile, airplane, boat, etc.

*We bring together an experienced team of autonomous professionals that work together to serve our clients’ total wealth management needs. These professionals may charge a separate fee for their individual services.

**Seek the advice of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) as tax laws are constantly changing and vary depending on each individual situation

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