Most of us were raised to give back to society by volunteering at our local humane society, throwing fundraisers for local charities, and donating to non profit organizations that are working towards making a positive impact on our community. However, when it comes to making the world we live in a better place, it does not have to stop with volunteering or donations or picking up litter at your local parks. Did you know that you can make a positive impact by choosing where you invest your money?

What Is Socially Responsible Investing and How Did it Get Started?

Socially responsible investing (SRI) has made a rise over the past decade because people are now wanting their investments to line up with their values. This surge in popularity has allowed socially responsible investing to become more accessible than ever.

There are even niches in this movement, like faith based and biblically responsible investing, that we offer right here at Christian Financial Advisors®. Faith based investing takes socially responsible investing to another, deeper level to better cater to the desires of Christians to line up their portfolios with their biblical values. It’s pretty cool what investments are capable of today!

Why Is Socially Responsible Investing a Great Choice?

Socially responsible investing is terrific because it allows an individual to both generate financial returns and make positive social changes on the world around them. SRI is choosing something beyond just gains in order to make an eternal impact on God’s creation and His people. Examples of socially responsible investing includes choosing to invest in businesses that are working towards a greener planet through low waste initiatives and solar power, as well as investing in companies that turn around and support giving back to the community. At the same time, socially responsible investing avoids companies that are making a negative impact on the world, like those polluting the oceans or profiting off unethical clothing factories in third world countries.

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What Faith Based Investing Supports vs SRI

Faith based and biblically responsible investing (BRI) are still going to support a lot of the same initiatives as SRI. This includes areas like working towards a greener earth, recycling initiatives, and anti trafficking movements. However, it may also add Christian based, missionary organizations and pro life non profits because they lean more towards the conservative, BRI initiative. It’s like branches off of the same tree.

What Faith Based Investing Avoids

While socially responsible investing would probably still support abortion because of the pro choice movement, biblically responsible investing would not.

This is just one example of an area that would be a pro for SRI and a con for BRI.

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Where can you find Socially Responsible Companies

There are many names that socially responsible investing is known by. This includes values based investing, ethical investing, sustainable investing, and the more popular ESG investing that focus on Environmental, Social, and Governance causes. Even though socially responsible investing is known by the abbreviation “SRI”, these letters can also stand for sustainable, responsible, and impact investing, which is exactly what it does.

If you are interested in becoming an investor or adding SRI business to your financial portfolio, do a search for “SRI investment firms”. If you are wanting to get involved in Christian based, socially responsible investing, then our team at Christian Financial Advisors® is here to help. Let us know specifically, if anything, that you are wanting to support or avoid, and we will structure your assets accordingly. We can also do an evaluation on your current assets to see what you may be inadvertently supporting through your investments.

Is Socially Responsible Investing Right For You?

If you are wanting to make a positive influence through your investments, then socially responsible investing is probably an opportunity that would be great to look into. It allows you to go above and beyond with your impact on the world, especially when it comes to faith based investing opportunities. Christian Financial Advisors® specifically specializes in biblically responsible investing so that you can align your asserts with Christian principles. If socially responsible investing companies do not participate in any anti Christian agendas, then those can be part of your financial portfolio as well.

How Can You Get Started?

We would love to sit down with you and talk to you about socially responsible investing, how it works, and if it is right for you. We offer virtual appointments, as well as in-office and over the phone. You can either visit to schedule an appointment or give us a call at (830) 609-6986.

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