four uses of money
four uses of money

The use of money can seem very complicated at times. But really, it only has four basic uses:


  • Balancing provision and protection (God’s protection, my responsibility to provide)
  • How much is enough?



  • Giving breaks the power of money


Owe (Debt & Taxes)

  • Debt always mortgages in the future
  • I owe taxes, but they are symptomatic of God’s provision



  • Growing margin is the only way to meet long term goals


This chart shows how each category affects the other categories. All four categories should not exceed 100% of income. Too much allocated to one category affects the others.

Which category can you adjust to balance how you are using money? What percentage would you like each category to be? One of the categories will not only bless others, but you as well. Guess which one?

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