is retirement what its cracked up to be
is retirement what its cracked up to be

Maybe. Maybe Not.

By Bob Barber

I’m reading a fantastic book right now called “The New Retirementality” that I learned about at a national Christian financial conference in Orlando, Florida. This book exposes a myth we have come to believe in America: when we obtain a certain age like 65, we should retire, and retirement is automatically an easy, enjoyable transition.

While attending the presentation, the author, Mitch Anthony, had us do several assessments that really opened my eyes about the myth of retirement. Why? Retirement for many can actually create boredom, isolation, lack of structure, and loss of identity. On the other hand, if retirement is done right, is can be full of purpose driven activities, an active social life, community engagement, physical activity and supporting worthy causes. A wonderful thing!

I highly recommend that anyone who is about to retire, thinking about retiring, or is already retired, to read “The New Retirementality” by Mitch Anthony. Also, if you would like to take the assessments I completed at the conference that were so eye opening, please contact me. These assessments complement the Fit to Retire® coaching program we offer. As always, if you need a retirement guide, I am here to help you.

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Is Retirement All It's Cracked Up To Be?

Maybe. Maybe Not.
is retirement what its cracked up to be

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