Family Arc
Family Arc
By Bob Barber

When we hear the word “legacy,” we often think of the material wealth that will be left to our children and grandchildren after we pass on. But I believe it’s much deeper than that. It’s also your beliefs, your values, your traditions, and heritage. It’s the stories, photographs, videos, and memories your family will treasure beyond your lifetime.

Your legacy is valuable. It can—and should—be preserved for current and future generations.

For this reason, I’m excited to introduce you to FamilyArc—a museum-quality, digital private archive platform for families and organizations to catalog, capture, and celebrate their legacy. FamilyArc offers this unique solution to you and your loved ones, so preserving your family’s legacy doesn’t have to be a challenge. Together, we can help you archive every moment in a secure, private space for all members of your family to share and enjoy.

As your wealth advisor, I am excited to be able to introduce an exclusive FamilyArc membership and services package at a discounted rate! CLICK HERE to watch a FamilyArc video for a brief overview.

To learn more, fill out the contact form below the video, and we will be in touch.

*FamilyArc and Christian Financial Advisors® are separate entities.

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