By Bob Barber

Christian Financial Advisors® is proud to sponsor 12 Compassion International kids – one representing each month of the year. Each monthly donation is given in our clients’ names as a representation of a birthday gift. Funds that were previously allocated to buy client birthday gifts are now donated to bless the children located in Southwest Mexico.

This year for the first time, instead of Client Christmas appreciation gifts, we also decided to use those funds and make a large Christmas donation to all the kids Christian Financial Advisors® sponsors with Compassion, so their families can have a wonderful Christmas they may not be able to have otherwise.

Compassion is a Christ-centered, church-driven, and child-focused ministry, making them distinct from other child sponsorship organizations. Their mission is to release children from poverty in Jesus’ name using a holistic approach to child development, carefully blending physical, social, economic, and spiritual care. Jesus is the core of their ministry and His life, teachings, and character shape their programs, reflect the spiritual commitments of their staff, and guide how they love people, respect communities, and cooperate with nations.

This summer, Bob and Rachael visited Compassion’s headquarters in Colorado Springs to get a first-hand look at how the ministry operates.

Next time you are visiting the Christian Financial Advisors® headquarters, please visit our Compassion wall that has all the pictures of the kids we sponsor and their stories.