are you fit to retire
are you fit to retire

As a certified Fit To Retire® coach I am here to help you with your planning and questions on your journey towards retirement. Our Fit To Retire® online assessment tool and “Readiness Roadmap” complements your overall retirement planning process.

This tool covers five main areas of retirement success during the three phases of retirement. These five main areas of retirement success are: Self Identity, Social, Health and Nutrition, Personal Relationships and Financial Security. The three phases of retirement are: Go-go, Slo-go and No-go.

Our Fit To Retire® online assessment tool allows us to better serve you, and the Fit To Retire® Readiness Roadmap is geared towards the baby boomer generation.This includes retirement transition support, as well as a variety of checklists to ensure that you are on the right path towards retirement. We want to help you successfully enter retirement with confidence!

Click here to view a short video and to take the Fit to Retire® assessment. Once you have taken the assessment, we will generate a personalized, 100 plus page workbook that covers all 5 areas of a successful retirement, as well as a 100 day playbook for your first 100 days of retirement.

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are you fit to retire

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