This monthly communication, “Financial Bullet Points,” will quickly and easily cover the main financial issues we see affecting the markets without being bogged down with a lot of details.

Written by Bob Barber, Prepared on Dec 27th, 2023

The Bullet Points for January are:

  1. Year-End Rally as Expected: As anticipated, a year-end rally materialized in Q4. This time it extended beyond the top 7 “woke” Big Tech stocks to the broader market, including the other 493 companies of the S&P 500, benefiting our Biblically Responsible active portfolios to end the year nicely.
  2. Taking Profits, Rebalancing, and Lowering Equity: In December, we took profits on many individual stock holdings, rebalanced across portfolios, and lowered overall equity allocations by a third in anticipating potential profit-taking early this year. Most of our deep value biblically responsible stock picks were up in December, with 10 stocks up 30% or more. With little value left in some, we liquidated 9 positions and rebalanced the rest to capture gains before they could dissipate*. We are actively seeking new buying opportunities to replace the sold positions.
    *As of 12/18/2023, 40 stocks were up, and 9 stocks were down since the 10/19/2023 purchase. Excess cash was placed in a Schwab Value Advantage Money Fund until we reinvest it into 9-10 replacement stocks.
  3. Declining Inflation. Inflation numbers continued improving in December, pleasing the Fed and markets. The Fed signaled possible rate cuts this year amid ongoing disinflation, driving 10-year Treasury yields back below 4% and benefiting mortgage rates.
  4. CD Rates Trending Down.. With the Fed’s potential pivot, the 5.5-5.7% 1-2 year CD rates of the past year are vanishing. Expect rates in the low 4% range by mid-summer.
  5. GDP Growth Encouraging US GDP grew 5.2% versus 2.7% a year prior, another positive economic indicator. This was also higher than the original reporting of 5.0%.
  6. 2024 Election Year Outlook. 2024 is a presidential election year. The incumbent party typically stimulates the economy pre-election, which often helps markets.
  7. Broader Returns Expected. Unlike last year’s concentration in a few stocks, returns should spread out more broadly in 2024, benefiting our active, Biblically Responsible portfolios.
  8. Continuing Education. This month’s programs for Christian Financial Perspectives are:
      • Setting Goals for 2024 (Jan 2nd)
      • Selling Financial Fear (Jan 9th)
      • Our Biblically Responsible Stocks Portfolio (Jan 16th)
      • Is a Rental Home a Good Investment (Jan 23rd)
      • 14 Characteristics of Financially Successful Christians (Jan 30th)

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Until next time, we hope you had a wonderful Christmas and New Year and look forward to 2024. That’s all for now.

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Bob Barber, Founder & Owner
Christian Financial Advisors®

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