Convenient, Online Profile Access to Financial Accounts and Information

The Christian Financial Advisors® System provides the capability to bring together ALL of your financial accounts and holdings in one place.

  • Investment
  • Banking
  • Retirement
  • Credit Cards
  • Real Estate
  • and more

ONE login to view ALL your financial data.

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Simple Consolidated Management

Christian Financial Advisors vault

You will have access to your own personalized website to view your accounts, run reports, create budgets and much, much more. Plus, we can help you set up a quick link on your mobile device for easy access.

The Vault

Another unique feature of this system is The Vault. The Vault is an online document repository where you can store ALL your valuable personal documents such as wills, trusts, insurance documents and passports securely.

8 Reasons Why You Should Use The Christian Financial Advisors® System powered by eMoney

1. Identity Theft Protection
Instead of having to go to each separate bank account, credit card account, debit card account, savings account, and investment account on a daily or weekly basis you can now see all of them at one time. You can see them anytime with just one password and know immediately if anyone other than you has touched any of your accounts or assets.
2. Automatic Account Alerts
Set up automatic text or email alerts to notify you when any of your accounts has had a check, debit or charge from $1 to $1000 that tells you where and when it was done. You set the minimum amount you want to be notified for.
3. Automatic Monthly Budgeting
Know what you are spending on everything like utilities, groceries, clothing, eating out, home maintenance, etc. on a daily and monthly basis and if you are over or under your personal budget that you set.
4. Digital Vault
Have instant access to your important documents in any emergency like medical or financial power of attorney, passport information, insurance policies, estate planning documents or even tax returns.
5. Retirement Planning
Know anytime (because it is updated daily) if you have enough saved for your retirement years based on your present spending, balance sheet and budget.
6. Survivor Planning
Know anytime if you have enough assets and life insurance to take care of your spouse and children, should pre-mature death occur.
7. Balance Sheet of Assets and Liabilities
Know your net worth anytime and how it breaks down by asset and liability category.
8. Investment Allocation
Know anytime how your investments and retirement plans are allocated by asset class and how you are diversified. This is a great feature for anyone using multiple investment advisors to make sure they are not all buying the same thing and that you are really getting diversification.

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