The Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA), is a solution for both your church and its members that many charities have been using for years.

The CGA is a way for an individual or couple to make a gift of cash or stocks to a qualified charity and, in return, receive a partial tax deduction and fixed income payments for the life of the donor(s). Many of your members would like to help your church more but need their retirement nest egg and savings for income to live on for their life expectancy.

How A Charitable Gift Annuity Works

how a charitable gift annuity works

Advantages Of Using A CGA Strategy For Your Church

Opens a completely new avenue of raising support for your church that may have never been available before
Could be a predictable annual income from members who choose to give their gift annuity income back to the church
Creates a short and long term gifting strategy for your church
Potentially unlocks thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of dollars to further your church’s mission
Opens the door to many other long term creative giving ideas for your members like a Charitable Remainder Trust, Donor Advised Fund, Charitable Lead Trust, Pooled Income Fund, etc.

Advantages Of A CGA Strategy For Your Members

Tax advantaged, fixed rate of return on retirement savings for the life of the donor
An appealing alternative to low paying CDs with tax advantages
Immediate partial tax deduction
Possibly lowers income taxes on other income
Supplements retirement income
Lifetime fixed income payments
Less social security benefits may be subject to federal income taxes
Supports the short and long term mission of your church

How Does Your Church Educate Its Members About Charitable Gift Annuities?

educating church members about charitable gift annuities

The easiest way is to sponsor a Charitable Gift Annuity educational luncheon workshop at your church on a weekday. A PowerPoint presentation covering all the details of a Charitable Gift Annuity with a question and answer period takes about an hour. The members will then be given an opportunity to determine if it is appropriate for them.

Assurance For Your Church

CGA Church

A Charitable Gift Annuity will never be written for a member who cannot show they have the financial means to do so. A maximum of 25% of an individual or couple’s combined cash, savings, and retirement assets will be allowed to go into a CGA since it is non-revocable.

You can learn more about Charitable Gift Annuities for your church by giving our office a call at (830) 609-6986 and setting up an appointment with one of our advisors!

* Charitable Gift Annuities offered by the National Christian Foundation may be re-insured through a fixed insurance annuity product utilizing Charitable Solutions, LLC to obtain competitive quotes through commercial fixed annuity carriers. This re-insurance may be placed directly with the insurance companies or through national annuity brokers. While these annuities provide a lifetime annuity payment, only donors who do not need access to the principal balance being gifted should consider a Charitable Gift Annuity (CGA) since it is irrevocable. The lifetime annuity payment is only guaranteed based on the claims paying ability of the underlying fixed annuity company. When a CGA is executed the rate and income amount are permanently established for life. Donors should be advised that under the terms of a CGA contract this amount may not be changed or renegotiated. All payments are the responsibility of the charitable organization and/or insurance company and care should be taken to ensure the contractual obligation with the Donor is met. Regulation and government oversight of CGA’s varies from state to state. You should consult with legal and tax professionals before entering into a CGA. Christian Investment Advisors, Inc. DBA Christian Financial Advisors® is a separate and unrelated entity of the National Christian Foundation.

** The Insurance Agent will ensure that concentration levels in a CGA are appropriate for given objectives and goals