By Kirsten Otto

mothers day ideasLooking for ideas to tell your mom “I Love You” this Mother’s Day? How about doing something unique and different from the standard card and flowers? What about giving toward a water well in an African village as a reminder of your mom’s provision for you growing up? Sponsor a child in a third world country in honor of her nurturing. Plant a tree that will be seen for generations, to memorialize that she has influenced the generations after her by raising her family.

Many times, the best gift we can give is ourselves. When I ask my mom what she wants as a gift for a special occasion, she always responds – “nothing”. I know that what she is really saying to me is “nothing material – just time with you!” Set aside a day and let your mom call the shots – shopping, gardening, putting together a puzzle, watching Hallmark movies – whatever she wants to do!

What if your mother is already gone this Mother’s Day? Why don’t you share some love with another mom you know? Make it a point to honor another woman in your life who has been a mother figure for you. Write a letter telling her of the impact she has had on you and take her to lunch to thank her. Or, what about encouraging a young mom in the midst of raising young ones who could use a card telling her that she’s doing a great job and her efforts bringing up the next generation of believers will go far in the Kingdom of God.

To all mom’s reading this – Happy Mother’s Day! You’ve given the greatest gift in the world to someone – the gift of life. Thank you.