Bird Valentine

The Legend of St. Valentine

Valentine’s Day draws its name from St. Valentine, a legendary and mysterious saint. According to one story, Valentine was killed when aiding Christian prisoners escaping from the clutches of Rome. In another legend, Valentine sent a letter to a young girl he was in love with, signing it “From your Valentine”. Hence, initiating the phrase for valentines.

Vintage Heart ValentineLupercalia Festival & Vintage Valentines

Others believe that Valentine’s Day was a replacement to a Roman pagan festival known as Lupercalia. It is thought to have been replaced, like many pagan festivals, with a Christian holiday. In Great Britain around the 1600’s, individuals exchanged notes and small tokens of affection. By the 1840’s in America, the first mass produced Valentine’s were sold. These were elaborately decorated with lace, colorful pictures, and ribbons.

Valentine’s Day Today!

Valentine’s Day sells the second highest amount of cards, right after Christmas. No matter its origins, Valentine’s Day is celebrated today by sending flowers, candy, and cards to loved ones, friends, and family. It is a day to show those close to us how much we care during this special day, as well as being a light shining Christ’s love!

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