staff favorite summer activities
staff favorite summer activities


My favorite summer activity is the same as a my wonderful wife’s, Rachael. We’ve been going to Keystone, Colorado for over 30 years now in the summer. Summer in the mountains means crisp cool mountain air, hiking numerous trails, mountain biking, fly fishing, fellowship with our Colorado clients and some time away from it all to rejuvenate.


I love hiking in Colorado. We’ve been going there for over thirty years.


My favorite summertime activity is having a barbecue in the backyard with family and friends.

Mary Jo

Well that is easy enough! It’s fishing and boating around Rockport, our home away from home. Notice I didn’t say catching because that is not always the case!


I love how the long summer days make it perfect to enjoy evenings together with friends and family. Getting together for a bonfire, games and watching the fireflies makes for a relaxing summer evening.


My new favorite summer event is driving to Arizona with my sweetheart and going fishing with our 3 year old grandson Jackson and his dad, along with seeing my pregnant daughter and our family and friends that we love so much.


I like hanging out at TSR (Texas Ski Ranch), where I used to work, and wakeboard during the summer months.


I love going to the river with my 2 labs. My black lab, Perseus, absolutely loves the water and playing fetch. When Athena sees how excited he gets, she joins in!