CIS Christmas Traditions
Bob Christmas Pic


A tradition I have had forever, that my family laughs at me about, is the way I go shopping on the afternoon of December 24th. I always get to see all my buddies doing the same thing – walking around in a daze – all wondering what to get our family members. I usually arrive home with a trunk load of stuff, leaving everyone wondering what I got them.

Nate Christmas Pic


My family and I always pile in the car and drive around New Braunfels to see all the Christmas lights. We’ve found some neighborhoods that tend to go all out, so we are sure to visit those every year.

Kirsten Christmas Pic


Every year on Christmas Eve my family gathers to a table spread with appetizers, snacks and homemade Christmas cookies. There are usually 15-20 different items to choose from (or have one of each!). After we have enjoyed our meal, we read the Christmas story together from Luke 2. Then we open our stockings, leaving the gifts for Christmas morning.

Pat Christmas Pic


My wife Janet and I started a Christmas tradition years ago by decorating our house for Christmas the Saturday after Thanksgiving. Once our house is completely decorated with the tree, candles, lights, Nativity Scenes and so much more- we light all the candles, turn on Christmas music, turn off all the lights in the house and sit back and take it all in. It is very peaceful, festive and worshipful. Jesus Is The Reason For The Season. Merry CHRISTmas!

Jenna Christmas Pic


My parents buy us a new set of PJ’s every Christmas, and we open these up on Christmas Eve. We get to sleep in our new PJ’s Christmas night, and we all open presents in the morning decked out in our comfy pajamas.

Rachael Christmas Pic


Each Christmas Eve, our daughters and Bob and I pick one present to open. Even with the girls as adults, it’s still fun to watch them pick and choose the one gift they will open based on the packaging. I also love buying different pj’s each Christmas Eve and giving them to our daughters and sons-in-law to wear that night.

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