Our goal is to serve you in a personal way while offering the latest in technology. Therefore, we are proud to share that you can now set appointments online with Bob or Nathaniel! Instead of having to call during office hours to set an appointment, you can now pick a time that works for you, right from your computer or phone.

How Do I Schedule An Appointment Online?

From the Christian Financial Advisors® website, click on “Meet With An Advisor”. This will take you to a page to choose either Nathaniel or Bob. After you pick Nathaniel or Bob, and you will be taken to their personal scheduling page. From there, you can choose a 15, 30, or 60 minute appointment slot based on their current availability.

It’s that easy! You will automatically receive a confirmation e-mail after you set up the appointment. Need to cancel or reschedule? You can do this online as well! You’ll have the option to reschedule or cancel directly from the email you received.

What If I Still Want To Call To Set Up An Appointment?

That’s perfectly fine! If you have any questions about our new online appointment scheduler or if setting up an appointment online isn’t for you, our staff is still scheduling appointments via phone. Just give Christian Financial Advisors® a call at (830) 609-6986.
Happy scheduling!

  1. Click “Meet With An Advisor”

Meet With An Advisor

2. Choose An Advisor

Pick An Advisor

3. Choose A Time Frame

Pick A Time Slot

4. Choose A Day

Pick A Day

5. Choose A Time And Confirm

Pick A Time

6. Add Your Details And Schedule Event!

Info and Confirm
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