Christian Financial Advisors® Team Members Foster Kittens Through The Humane Society of the New Braunfels Area!

By Jenna Barber-Peters

Did you know that we are in the middle of kitten season? Because of the large amount of kittens entering local humane societies, foster homes are very important. Bob, Rachael, and I have been pulling up our sleeves to foster for a humane society here in New Braunfels (sometimes even bringing in little bitty kittens to the office who need round the clock care).

Younger kittens in shelters are more prone to illness because of their weaker immune systems. Therefore, finding a foster home for these little guys is very important. Plus, with all of that energy, kittens need space to run around!

Bob and Rachael have been fostering a mama cat and her two kittens, and I have been fostering kittens from various litters – some of which need intense hands on care and others who just need a little more human interaction.

I highly encourage you to check out your local humane society to ask about being a foster. Or, add a furry family member to your crew by adopting from a local shelter!

You can check out the Christian Financial Advisors® Team’s kitten fosters on