2020 on wood background The Year It Gets Done
2020 on wood background The Year It Gets Done

Procrastination is the #1 reason for financial failure. Many find themselves in a vicious rotating cycle, as described below, of putting off financial matters that need to be done NOW. Could you be in this cycle?

It’s January but we are just now getting over December, could we get this done in March?

It’s March but with taxes coming up In April, I plan to take care of this in May.

It’s May, but with kids and grandkids graduating, why don’t we tackle this in July?

It’s July but with summer vacation, how about waiting until August?

It’s August but with the kids/grandkids starting school, could we wait until September or October?

It’s October but we are just so busy with the kids’/ grandkids’ school activities, I don’t think I’ll have time until next month.

It’s November but with Thanksgiving coming up can we wait to get this done until December?

It’s December and with all the Christmas parties and getting ready for family to come in, I think we need to wait until next year.

Is there ever really a convenient time to go over financial matters?

Make 2020 the year to prioritize your finances by making an appointment NOW to get started and get ALL your financial matters in order. Contact Christian Financial Advisors® and speak to one of our advisors to to pursue your financial goals in 2020.


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  • 2020 on wood background The Year It Gets Done
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