latest updates on Rachael
latest updates on Rachael
By Jenna Barber Peters

In our last newsletter, we spoke about Rachael’s cancer and her last visit to MD Anderson. As of January, the doctors had not found any of the original tumors or new growths. However, at her 6 month checkup, the original tumors had begun to appear again. As of now, the tumors have not spread, and they appear to be localized. She has a specialized robotic surgery scheduled in Austin on July 12th to remove the cancerous growths. Afterwards, Rachael will stay in the hospital for 2-4 days for recovery.

We want to thank so many of you for your past emails, cards, flowers and gifts for Rachael. She is very touched by it all. We are also very thankful for her Bible study group of many years and her book club that have been so close by her side, physically and spiritually through all this.

Physically, she is feeling good, but we ask that you keep Rachael and the Barber family in your prayers, especially with keeping spirits high during this time. This has been a devastating blow, especially after receiving good news not that long ago.


That God’s peace will continue to pour out on us

That the surgeon can get her in sooner if possible

That the surgeon would only have to remove the tumor and minimal surrounding tissue

That she will recover quickly after the surgery with no complications

That the surgery will get rid of her cancer once and for all and that it will never return again anywhere in her body!


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