Financial Tips and Tricks From Athena
Financial Tips and Tricks From Athena
By Athena
Translated By Jenna Peters

As a dog, I don’t have to worry much about saving for a rainy day. I take that back; there are a few bones I have buried in the backyard just in case my human forgets to feed me one day or I want a little snack. With humans, saving is a little different, and I am here to offer some neat tricks for saving little by little.

Keep The Change

Not many of us use cash anymore, and it can be hard to count cash when you are a dog lacking opposable thumbs. However, for those of you out there that use cash on a daily basis, always save the change! Keep a change jar in your kitchen for all of your change from the end of the day. When it gets full, deposit it into your bank or a ‘just for fun’ account meant for vacations and other treats (I’ll talk about this later).

For those of you with debit cards, many banks also offer the option to round up your total on a debit card to the nearest round number. For example, an item costing $1.29 is rounded up to $2.00. The additional $0.71 is deposited into your savings account.

Bury Your Cash (In Envelopes)

In a world full of credit card and debit card transactions, the next tip may not work for everyone. It’s the old envelope trick. Transform the majority of your spending into cash transactions. Set out a budget for categories such as:

  • Groceries
  • Entertainment
  • Eating Out
  • Dog Treats (my personal favorite)
  • Clothing
  • And more!

Each month, take out a certain amount of cash from your accounts and place the designated amounts into your envelope. Once the cash is out for that envelope, it means your budget is up. On the other paw, any leftover cash from the month can be put away into savings!

‘Just For Fun’ Savings Account

For those who love to travel or just want a completely separate account from their rainy day savings, set up a completely separate bank account for fun and vacation savings. Create an automatic transfer each month from your primary bank account to the ‘just for fun’ bank account. This way, you are saving up not only for a rainy day, but also a vacation day!

I hope these tips and tricks help! Now I’m off to play with my new ball that my human was able to purchase from my ‘just for fun’ savings account!

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