Emphasis: Fixed Income and Liquidity

By Bob Barber and Shawn Peters

With high-interest rates not seen in years and a very volatile stock market at this time, we are emphasizing our actively managed Ultra-conservative, Fixed-income Portfolio as an inflation hedge with NO stock market exposure and 100% daily liquidity with no surrender fees.

Why such an emphasis on managed Fixed Income now? 

  • High Inflation. The latest is 6.4% annually.
  • Fixed Income vehicles like bonds, bank notes, etc., are paying much higher interest rates than in the past as the Fed raises rates.
  • There continues to be extreme Stock Market Volatility which many can not handle as the Federal Reserve raises rates to combat inflation. 
  • Loss of Purchasing Power occurs due to inflation and requires active fixed-income management more than ever to combat inflation. 

What about CDs?

CDs have a small place in an overall portfolio strategy but still lag inflation by 1.5-2% annually, resulting in a significant loss of purchasing power, and are not liquid without a penalty. This is called “going broke safely” year by year. 

The Goal

An actively managed Liquid, Ultra Conservative Fixed Income Portfolio with many different types of fixed-income investments to mitigate risk, and keep up with the inflation rate, not lag it, may help maintain purchasing power without investing in more volatile stocks. 

Use a dual fixed-income strategy; we can help you with both. 

Brokered CDs at better rates than most banks (presently in the 5% range), plus using our Ultra Conservative Fixed Income Portfolio that’s completely liquid as an inflation hedge may be a good dual strategy for all your fixed income needs.

What now? 

Would you like to learn more about a dual fixed-income strategy as an inflation hedge without stock market exposure? We can be reached by phone or text at 830-609-6986 during regular business hours or you can set up an appointment (click here) to discuss what’s best for you. 


Bob Barber – CEO and President
Shawn Peters- CCO and Vice President

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