Upcoming Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast
Upcoming Christian Financial Perspectives Podcast

Our New Podcast “Christian Financial Perspectives”

We’ve had clients ask us consistently over the years if Bob would ever bring back his radio program, “Christian Investors Daily”, which he produced for over 8 years.

Guess what? We’ve decided to bring back the great content our clients miss but in a modern format! Introducing “Christian Financial Perspectives”, a weekly podcast about making wise financial decisions using Biblical principles.

We’ve started this podcast with the goal of educating listeners on what God’s Word says about money. The Bible has the best foundation for all of our money management principles, all of the basics for financial planning, and how to create a financial wellness plan for you and your family. All we have to do is look for it, and it’s there! Scripture speaks on how to invest, how to handle money on a daily basis, paying taxes, and so much more. There really are very few people talking about this right now, and we are excited to bring this information to people all over the world through our Christian financial podcast. You’ll be able to listen on your computer, smartphone, or tablet – anytime, anywhere!

Tell your friends, family, pastor, neighbors… – you get the idea. Help us spread the word! Christian Financial Perspectives will be available on iTunes, GooglePlay, & Stitcher as well as:



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