Most high income earners lose the ability to take many tax deductions because the tax laws are tilted so unfairly toward them, contrary to popular opinion. The statement we’ve all been hearing from politicians and most media sources for years that the “wealthy don’t pay their fair share of taxes” can easily be disputed by simply looking at any IRS income tax table and doing the math.

It always amazes me how many high income earners I give advice to who are not using every available legal tax deduction to help offset the enormous tax burden our government puts on them. This is because many tax preparers seem to be reactive versus proactive when it comes to tax saving strategies.

For this reason, all year long I give away a tax saving report that I update annually with 27 tax saving tips. Many times I’ve seen the tax tips in this report save someone thousands of dollars in income taxes when they started using them.

Don’t worry, none of these tips are illegal or overly aggressive and should not cause any legal concerns. To get your free report call the office at 830-609-6986 and we can either email or mail you a copy.

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