estate planning professional
estate planning professional

Financial planning is a key part of wealth management and one of the services offered to our investment clients as a benefit of doing business with us. For those who do not have investment accounts with us, our financial planning services are offered for an hourly rate. We have a list of 20 Financial Planning Modules that cover the most common issues one encounters, but we also handle unique situations.

We look at all areas of your finances to help you create a plan based on your personal circumstances and the dreams that you want to achieve. Next, we give you actionable steps to help make your dreams a reality. We are there along with you as your advisor, guide, and coach the throughout the entire process.

We also offer our Christian Financial Advisors® System as a hands on tool for your personal financial planning. Not only can you view your investment account balances with us, but you can also create a complete picture of your financial situation, quickly generate numerous financial reports, create and manage a budget, and store your most important documents in one secure, easily accessible location and more.

If you are not taking advantage of our financial planning services or our Christian Financial Advisors® system, contact us to set up a meeting to begin your plan!

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Financial planning is a key part of wealth management and a service offered to our clients as a benefit of doing business with Christian Financial Advisors®.

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