man taking notes with pen
man taking notes with pen

By Bob Barber

March brought an unexpected and unprecedented market adjustment created by fallout from the unexpected arrival and spread of the coronavirus. None of us know if the economy will have a “V shaped recovery” (it will go up as quickly as it went down) once we get past the Coronavirus, a “U shaped recovery” (it will be a much slower recovery back to where the economy was), or an “L shaped recovery” (we may not recover for many years), and we need to plan accordingly for where you are today.

We are continuing to manage and monitor our biblically responsible investment strategies and make adjustments based on current market conditions with a long term perspective. But along with investing, prudent financial planning – making adjustments and updates to your financial plan to coincide with your investments – is key to addressing the changes we have seen. In other words, your investments should never be isolated from financial planning.

I believe in planning for the worst and hoping for the best. This would mean planning for an L shaped recovery, in which the economy may not rebound, but just moves slowly ahead like a turtle, with low returns moving forward. This is why it is so important to update your financial plan now, not later, and adjust if needed, so there is a plan for a better outcome and you won’t run out of money before running out of life.

We can easily do this with our online Christian Financial Advisors® Financial Planning System, in many cases, over a 1-2 hour online meeting. Financial planning is included for many of our clients, and it can also be acquired for an additional fee. Our financial advisory solutions and the level of planning included is based on assets under management. You can view more details here:

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