the tasks of an executor

In the last few months unfortunately, we have had a number of older clients pass away who we had served for many years. Our condolences are with their families over the loss of their loved ones.

When a person passes away, the tasks of the chosen executor for their will can be a very long and tedious process. Over the years I have spoken to many clients that have been put in the role of executor and it can be an overwhelming experience. As a Certified Wealth Strategist® I am presently creating a system for our clients to help them and their executors understand this extensive role, make it less arduous, and clarify the steps to take.

It is important to select the right person to be an executor. There is a tendency to choose the spouse or oldest child as the executor, which could be a mistake. There are several things you must consider when choosing an executor:

  1. Are they trustworthy?
  2. Are they qualified for the job?
  3. Do they have the time?
  4. Do they agree with all your wishes?
  5. Do they get along with the family members involved?
  6. Do they manage long term projects well?


If you have already chosen an executor, we have many resources for them. I want our clients to know I am happy to meet with them and their executor to talk about the many administrative tasks their executor will face, in hopes that when they have to step up to the role, this vast responsibility will be less stressful.

Contact our office at 830 609-6986 or email us at in**@ci*******.com to request a meeting and to learn more about the resources we offer.


* This information is not intended to be a substitute for specific legal advice.

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