Four people pulling on an estate plan notebook
Four people pulling on an estate plan notebook

By Shawn McCammon

Though it may be hard not to panic when the grocery store shelves are empty, the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 keeps rising, and we see sobering statistics across the globe…we will not overcome this challenge with a panicked response.

Nonetheless, there are certain things we all need to be doing right now – and your public health officials are the best resource on how to stay personally safe and help prevent the virus from spreading.

When it comes to the seriousness of this outbreak, however, there also are some critical estate planning decisions you should make – or review – right now.

Ask yourself these questions:
Who will make medical decisions for me should I become severely ill and unable to make these decisions myself?

Who will make my financial decisions in that same situation — for example, who will be authorized to sign my income tax return, write checks, or pay my bills online?

Who is authorized to take care of my minor children in the event of my severe illness? What decisions are they authorized to make? How will they absorb the financial burden?

If the unthinkable happens – what arrangements have I made for the care of my minor children, any family members with special needs, my pets, or other vulnerable loved ones?

How will my business continue if I were to become seriously ill and unable to work, even remotely … or in the event of my death?

These are the most personal decisions to make right now to protect yourself and your loved ones during this emergency. Now is also a good time to ask yourself if you have plans in place for the smooth transfer of your assets and preservation of your legacy.

We are ready to help walk you through these decisions, understand the ramifications of your choices, and memorialize your plans in binding legal documents. We are currently offering no-contact, initial conferences remotely if you prefer. Book a call now at: or call the Christian Financial Advisors® office at (830) 609-6986 to set up a meeting with Shawn.


*Estate planning and legal services are provided through McCammon & Murray, PC a separate and unaffiliated legal entity, and not through Christian Financial Advisors® Man-agement. CIS clients are not required to use the services of McCammon & Murray, PC for legal advice. Any legal advice and legal fees earned by Mr. McCammon are not provided or shared with CIS. Attor-neys at McCammon & Murray PC are licensed to provide legal advice in TX and CA only.


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  • Four people pulling on an estate plan notebook
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