Newly Upgraded and Easy to Use

The new online profile homepage showcases your investment accounts and can show you your complete financial picture instantly. Read on for more information how this system can help you manage your finances at the click of a button (or tap of a screen)!

We are happy to share that our online Christian Financial Advisors® System that allows our clients to manage all aspects of their finances just got an overhaul for a more streamlined, user friendly, experience.

Features of the system include viewing all your financial accounts (investment, bank, credit cards, loans etc) in one location, instant access to important documents anytime and anywhere, a budgeting tool to help you stay on track with your financial goals, an organizer to track your financial goals, priorities and net worth, and dozens of reports to analyze your finances.

Not sure where to start or don’t want to try and figure out the system by yourself? We would love to give you a personal tutorial and walk you through how to use the system from the comfort of your own home!

Call the office to schedule an online training with Kirsten or Kirby at (830) 609-6986 or email in**@ci*******.com.


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