Financial Tips and Tricks From Athena
Financial Tips and Tricks From Athena
By Athena
Translated by Jenna Peters

The people at the Christian Financial Advisors® office were really busy last month going to Baptist Association Annual Meetings almost every weekend and speaking at church and ministry meetings! I sniffed around to try to figure out why they were staying so busy and here’s what I dug up.
Bob has been giving talks on Planned Giving and how it can help your favorite churches and ministries both now and in the long run! These presentations teaching the humans how Planned Giving can be a part of a full financial plan.

It can be a little ruff trying to explain Planned Giving, so Bob even created a presentation and program called Planned Giving 10-4-4 that explains many methods and tools for giving other ways than just from cash accounts. He has been offering this program to churches to teach their members about giving and creative ways to paws-itively support their church and the ministries they love in creative ways other than just cash.

I heard Bob saying that if any of his client’s wanted to him to fetch the presentation to bring to their church, he would love to help them out! All they have to do is call him at 830-609-6986 and he can give them more information to get started.

It sounded like a doggone good idea to me! In fact, the Year End Tax Giving Tax Savings Presentation has a lot of the same content and would give you a ruff idea of what it’s all about. And if you attend, be sure and tell the CIS humans to bring back some of the dessert for me please (peanut butter biscuits preferred)!

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