Financial planning can mean many different things to different people depending on what stage of life they are in. Our Financial Planning Modules are a way you can pick and choose what’s most important to you now and in the future. Each module is customized to your particular situation.

MODULE 1: Long Term Retirement Planning

Focus is on portfolio needs for retirement and advance funding requirements.

MODULE 2: Income Tax Planning and Accounting

Focus is on collaborating with CPAs to employ a broad range of accounting, tax, and consulting services to lower the burden of taxes for business owners and high income earners.

MODULE 3: Asset Protection Assessment

Focus is on restructuring portfolios to protect against potential lawsuits and unforeseen liabilities.

MODULE 4: Social Security Planning

Focus is on coordinating Social Security benefits with retirement portfolio to maximize wealth.

MODULE 5: Long Term Care Planning

Focus is on analyzing long term care payment options: out of pocket; insurance; or pre-fund.

MODULE 6: Long Term Educational Planning

Focus is on funding higher education for future generations.

MODULE 7: Estate and Multi Generational Inheritance Planning

Focus is on involving children and grandchildren in financial and estate planning processes while collaborating with an estate planning attorney for wills, trusts, limited partnerships, limited liability, etc.

MODULE 8: Life Insurance Assessment

Focus is on maximizing death benefits without raising cost by restructuring inefficient older term, universal and whole life policies.

MODULE 9: Real Estate Assessment

Focus is on analyzing real rates of return on single and multi-family properties after all expenses.

MODULE 10: Long Term Gifting and Charitable Planning

Focus is on non cash, immediate and deferred giving techniques.

MODULE 11: Investment Property and Capital Gains

Focus is on utilizing tax strategies in advance of selling an investment property with large capital gains to dramatically lower taxes.

MODULE 12: Old Retirement Account Assessment

Focus is on analyzing old 401k, 403b, IRA accounts and annuity asset allocations and restructuring as needed.

MODULE 13: Bank CD and Savings Account Planning

Focus is on safely maximizing returns with alternative strategies for today’s low rates.

MODULE 14: Expected Inheritance Planning

Focus is on setting short, medium, and long-term goals for an expected incoming inheritance.

MODULE 15: Oil and Gas Royalty Income Planning

Focus is on using creative tax strategies to maximize passive income.

MODULE 16: Diversification Assessment

Focus is on asset allocation assessment of all financial and investment accounts and recommendations to update allocation as needed.

MODULE 17: Financial Statement Assessment

Focus is on updating values of all assets and liabilities arriving at what your real net worth is today.

MODULE 18: Risk Management Assessment

Focus is on doing a detailed analysis of property and casualty insurance policies to expose unforeseen liabilities.

MODULE 19: Budget Planning

Focus is on discovering where money is going and learning how to use the latest technologies to stay on track.

MODULE 20: Mortgage Debt Payoff

Focus is on doing a detailed analysis of mortgage debt and what will be the total interest until payoff, versus paying off debt immediately with cash that is presently making a decent rate of return.

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