Unlock the Power of Integrative Financial Planning – What’s Changed?

Integrative financial planning is a huge part of Christian Financial Advisors® through primarily a tool called eMoney. We try to make your investment and financial planning as easy as possible through online tools that are easily accessible 24/7. So, what exactly makes eMoney so great? Bob and Shawn go step by step through an eMoney […]

Tools Needed In Your Financial Toolbox

Bob and Shawn cover an array of tools that you should always have readily available in your financial toolbox. Most of you listening probably have the essential tools at home for basic tasks – a hammer, screwdriver, drill, pliers, and a level. Just like there are essential tools that aid in 90% of tasks around […]

Uncovering the Mystery of Financial Advisors – What You Need to Know

Bob and Shawn discuss the many types of financial advisors that exist in our world today. Not all financial advisors are the same, just like not all doctors are the same. And just like with doctors, financial advisors can be all encompassing (like a general practitioner), or they can focus on one area like a […]

Biblically Responsible Investing: Why It’s Important

Part 3 of our three part series on Biblically Responsible Investing delves into the importance of investing with your values, especially as a Christian. Bob and Shawn present several Bible verses that go hand in hand with Faith Based Investing. If you wouldn’t outright support certain anti-Biblical agendas with your money, then why would you […]

Biblically Responsible Investing: Investment Screening Technologies

We are on to Part 2 of our three part series on Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) where we discuss screening technologies. BRI is a subset of Values Based Investing that caters to Christian and Biblical beliefs in an investment portfolio. It allows Christians, or whoever is interested, to invest in companies that do not go […]

Biblically Responsible Investing: What You Need to Know About Stewardship

In Part 1 of 3 about Biblically Responsible Investing, Bob and Shawn delve into what exactly Biblically Responsible Investing – BRI – encompasses, how it works, and some of the companies that Christian Financial Advisors® works with. What exactly is BRI? Well, Biblically Responsible Investing (BRI) falls under the realm of types of Values Based […]

Should I Still Wait to Build or Buy a Home Today?

We’re back to the topic of “building or buying a house” that we covered last year around this time, but we are coming at it from today’s ever-changing housing market. Buying or building a home is something that probably 100% of those listening have done, thought of, or plan to do. However, in today’s economy […]

Diversification 101: How to Build a Model that Works for You

You’ve made it to the end of our three-part series on Diversification! We’ve already talked about charts and sectors, and in this episode Bob and Shawn discuss putting everything together to build a properly diversified investment model. There’s a lot that goes into being properly diversified, and it is not something that just happens over […]