Guidestone Mutual Funds

About Guidestone

For almost 100 years, GuideStone has been working to provide investment needs for a variety of industries and individuals such as ministers, hospital and university employees, and church workers. They serve Southern Baptist and evangelical Christian communities, and they sponsor the nation’s largest mutual fund family that is Christian screened called GuideStone Funds. They also offer Roth and traditional IRA’s, as well as personal investing opportunities.

In fact, GuideStone’s investing philosophy, as quoted by Roddy Cummins, is: “We exist to honor the Lord and we exist to enhance the financial security of those we serve.”* GuideStone provides a variety of Christian financial services including:

  • insurance
  • retirement
  • executive planning products & services
  • property and casualty coverage
  • investment management

Christian Investment Services and Christian Investment Advisors have had the privilege to become involved with GuideStone Funds. Only until recently has GuideStone begun to open up their mutual funds to investors outside of GuideStone. GuideStone’s commitment is to “Do well and to Do right.” Their mutual funds are based on a foundation of integrity. They develop investment choices and financial services all incorporating the GuideStone belief system of integrity and doing right.

You can find GuideStone Funds in 36,000 churches, educational institutions, mission sending agencies, and other ministries around the world. They are also an award winning family of Christian mutual funds that are available on both an individual and an institutional level. You will find a broad range of mutual funds and investment strategies from which to choose in GuideStone Funds that can help you towards reaching your financial goals.

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**All views expressed in the above information was obtained from GuideStone Mutual Funds and may not necessarily reflect the views of Christian Investment Advisors, Inc. DBA Christian Financial Advisors®

GuideStone’s prospectus contains important information about the funds, including information on investment policies, risks, and fees. For your own benefit and protection, you should read it before you invest, and keep it on hand for future reference. Please contact your financial advisor for a copy of the prospectus.